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People have told us of the struggles when wanting to register with a GP practice in the borough.

We have created a guide with information on how to find a GP, registering, your rights, homelessness, refugees and more…

Registering with your GP and understanding your rights

This article explains more about your rights and what do to if you are refused the right to register.

How to register with a GP

Seeing your GP during the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic GPs have had to adapt the way they run. Changes continue to happen as Government advice is updated over time. For the most up to date information please visit our Coronavirus page.

GPs during Coronavirus

Interpreters (including British Sign Language) for GPs

If you don’t speak English, or if you use British Sign Language (BSL), you are entitled to an interpreter at no cost to you or the GP practice.

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What to consider when choosing a GP

It is a good idea to find three local practices, and then choose between them. It is worth phoning up to check whether your address falls within an area covered by the practice.

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Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) involve local people from a practice who want to take a more active role in working with their GP surgery.

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Who can help you at your GP practice?

Find out about the different roles you will find at a GP surgery. What do the nurse, practice secretary, medical receptionist all do?

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