Photo of Information and Signposting officer Michelle Malwah

Michelle Malwah

Community Engagement Manager

Michelle is responsible for managing all the day-to-day operations of Healthwatch Enfield and identifying community engagement needs to help people influence their local health and social care services.

07526 645683

020 837 36283

Photo of Information and Volunteer Officer Claudia Newton

Claudia Newton

Information and Volunteer Officer

Claudia is responsible for managing individual enquiries and signposting people to relevant service providers. She also leads on the recruitment and co-ordination of Healthwatch volunteers for Healthwatch Enfield.

07526 645683

020 837 36283

Rosalyn Kirton

Community Engagement and Outreach Officer

Rosalyn is responsible for community engagement and outreach within the borough. This involves detailed engagement at local level, and within the wealth of variety of culturally diverse local communities. Healthwatch Enfield is keen to gain in-depth insight on topical local health and social issues affecting residents, so that we can be a ‘voice’ for the community, to enable and effect positive change.

020 837 36283

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