Give your feedback today for improved services tomorrow.

We want to know more about your experiences of health and social care in Enfield. What works and what you would like to improve? Whether you want to tell us about, for example, your GP, mental health care, your experience of a hospital, or care home or social care support, we want to hear about it.

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What happens to your feedback?

Last year we gathered 843 people shared their experiences of health and social care services with us, helping to raise awareness of issues and improve care.

When we meet the leaders of various services at meetings, we tell them what you have told us. This is just one way they get to hear what residents, care users and patients really think of their services, to help them understand your experiences and some of the challenges you face.

Your feedback informs our themed reports, we remove any personal information, and use your experiences to recommend changes to local services. Where possible, we provide numbers and statistics to support our recommendations for improvement. We then share and publish these reports widely, so everyone can see what’s important to you and can take your feedback on board. The bigger the numbers, the more influence we can have. Every survey does count!

How does this make a difference?

We have a seat on numerous health and social care boards and committees in Enfield, as well as representing Healthwatch and local residents at a North Central London level, which includes the boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Haringey, and Islington, as an equal, but independent partner. Within Enfield this includes the Health and Wellbeing Board, as well as many other key boards and committees.

“GP Access is vital; it is the first point of call for all access to health services for our residents”
— Michelle Malwah, Healthwatch Enfield Community Engagement Manager

We often put forward suggestions which help to influence decisions being discussed by leaders at these meetings. We challenge where necessary and make sure that the interests of local patients, service users and residents, especially minority groups, are considered in planning.

We also encourage ‘co-design’ wherever possible, which means getting people from the public involved right at the start of projects to help design and plan new services or changes to services. This works really well particularly when those who get involved have a special interest or experience of using that service. We call this co-design.

Teaming up with four local Healthwatch across North Central London, we gathered insights about people living with Long COVID. We shared the findings with local press and statutory healthcare services.
— Healthwatch Enfield Annual Report 2020-21