Enter and View - Hugh Myddelton House Care Home

Most residents felt care provided at Hugh Myddelton House Care Home was of good standard. Read our full Enter and View report, on January 25th 2019, to assess the quality of care provided.

Healthwatch Enfield has the authority to carry out Enter & View visits in health and social care premises to observe the nature and quality of services. This is set out in Section 225 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

The visit to Hugh Myddelton House Care Home was an announced Enter and View visit as part of Healthwatch Enfield’s planned strategy to look at a range of care and nursing homes within the London Borough of Enfield, to assess the quality of care provided. We were particularly interested in understanding whether residents are receiving personalised care that meets their individual needs and whether the care setting “feels like home” to them. In addition, we wanted to find out whether residents are receiving a good service from local health providers.

During our review, we heard from 9 relatives, 9 residents, 5 staff and 2 managers. The management team and staff we engaged with were open and welcoming and demonstrated a good understanding of meeting the needs of their residents. The staff were complimentary of the management team, stating they were responsive if staff needed anything and made them feel appreciated. Since the new manager arrived almost 2 years ago, they felt the Home had improved. They also confirmed they were happy in their work. Through our discussions, both residents and relatives felt much of the care provided at Hugh Myddelton is of a good standard and many had chosen to reside there over other Homes. Based on feedback, the management team appeared approachable and responsive and most of the staff were appreciated by residents and their relatives for their friendly and caring attitude.

Download our report for full findings

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