Enter and View - Nairn House Care and Nursing Home

Most residents felt care provided at Nairn House & Nursing Home was of good standard though some concerns were raised. Read our full Enter and View report, on November 27th 2018, to assess the quality of care provided.

Healthwatch Enfield has the authority to carry out Enter & View visits in health and social care premises to observe the nature and quality of services. This is set out in Section 225 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

During our review, we heard from 11 relatives, 9 residents, and 4 staff and managers. The management team and staff we engaged with were open and welcoming and demonstrated a good understanding of the need for individualised care planning. Through our discussions with relatives and residents, as well as our own observations, we found that relatives in particular, felt much of the care provided at Nairn House is of a good standard. Based on feedback, the management team seem to be committed and most of the staff are appreciated by residents and their relatives for their kind, friendly attitude and hard work.

However, at the time of our visit, some residents and relatives felt that more activities should be put on.

With regards to safety, we observed that the larger mobile chairs, in which residents who are not mobile are moved around the Home, (for example to the downstairs lounge to attend activities there) were not fitted with safety straps. There were concerns regarding the lack of communal alarm buttons, and also whether staff really had the time to spend with residents to talk to them and attend to their non-urgent needs more quickly or help them move around.

Apart from the above concerns, Nairn House seems to be well run, supportive and friendly, able to provide a good level of healthcare and some flexibility and personalisation. Some relatives told us their loved ones were gaining weight and recovering following recent treatment in hospital. The residents we met were clean and well-groomed and overall felt safe.

As a result of our visit, we made 8 recommendations as to what improvements could be made at Nairn House.

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