Catch up Q&A video - updates from local NHS leaders about health services in Enfield

Residents ask questions about changes to hospital and GP services in Enfield during the pandemic.
Image of Chase Farm, North Mid and two GP surgeries
video of Q&A session about health services in Enfield
We all have a responsibility to protect each other….you receive a vaccine not only to protect yourself, but also to protect those around us…
— Dudizile Sher-Arami , Public Health Enfield talking about the new Coronavirus vaccines
We want patients to see the right clinicians at the right time. In order to do that we need some information.
— Sarit Ghosh, GP Federation on why we need to give information to GP receptionists
We continue to have a full range of services at North Mid’. If people are worried about their health, please please seek advice through your GP or 111..
— Emma WHICHER, Medical Director, North Middlesex University Hospital
All the changes we have made over the last few months (at Chase Farm) are temporary, they have been to make sure we can safely provide as many services as we possibly can…as things change everything will be reassessed with a view to changing things back.
— Natalie Forrest (CEO, Chase Farm Hospital talking about some of the services that have been moved out to Barnet & Edgeware hospital
During the pandemic…we have learnt, as a system, how to manage our more vulnerable patients more effectively.
— Sarit Ghosh, GP Federation talking about the access for patients with learning difficulties or dementia
“…patients love being able to come into the surgery to have a blood test (rather than having to go into hospital)…
— Dr Alpesh Patel, Clinical Director GP Federation talking about one of the ways practices are working with hospitals to keep patients safe

We hosted an online event on 2nd December 2020 with healthcare leaders from North Middlesex University Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital (part of the Royal Free Trust), the Enfield GP Federation and Public Health Enfield. Timing of the event happened to coincide with breaking news that the new Pfizer vaccine had just been approved for roll out.

You asked lots of questions relating to how the vaccine will be rolled out (spoiler alert – it’s too early to say, but watch this space), how GPs and hospitals in Enfield are running at the moment, how patients are being kept safe, why we need to give more information to GP receptionists and much more.

Above is the recording of the event for those of you that were unable to join us.

We run lots of live Q&A sessions on different health and social care topics, often with a panel of experts from Enfield GP or hospital services.

Here is a link to our other most recent session we held about Cancer services.

Catch up on our Cancer Q&A event

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