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New provider of advocacy for NHS complaints in Enfield


From 1 April POhWER is the new provider of advocacy for people who want to make a complaint about NHS treatment or care. This statutory service will replace the NHS Complaints Advocacy service previously provided by VoiceAbility to the residents of Enfield. POhWER offers a free, independent and confidential service and can be contacted on 0203 553 5960.

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy can:

  • Support you to make a complaint about the service, care or treatment provided to you by the NHS
  • Support you to make a complaint on someone else's behalf, including if someone has died
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Signpost you to the right organisation for you
  • Answer any questions about the complaints procedure and explain your options
  • Provide a step by step guide to the complaints process and some tips
  • Provide you with a POhWER advocate, an experienced worker who can help you to make your complaint and support you through the process
  • Support a young person under 16 if they have capacity to reach their own decisions. If a child does not have the capacity to make a decision about their treatment, only a parent or guardian may complain on behalf of their child without permission

Want to know more? Download POhWER leaflet below.




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