COVID-19 - Deadline for Spring Booster Jab

Find out how and where to book your Spring COVID-19 booster. Only available until the 30th June...

It's vital that those who are eligible either book an appointment or visit a walk-in centre before this deadline. After the end of June, anyone eligible for a second booster dose will have to wait until September for the launch of the autumn booster offer. We will share more detail about the autumn booster as soon as it becomes available.

First and second doses of COVID-19 vaccine for everyone aged five and over and first booster doses for everyone aged 16 and over will continue to be available throughout the summer. Third primary doses are also available to those who are eligible.

Getting all the vaccine doses available to you is the best way to protect yourself against severe illness from COVID-19. This is particularly important if you have a weakened immune system, because you may be at increased risk of becoming very unwell if infected with COVID-19.