Join our online Q&A event about Later Life Planning - information and free services in Enfield

Everyone needs to plan for later life at some point. Whether it is help to stay in your own home; care or nursing homes; supporting a loved one, or managing life limiting condition.
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Join us on 27th January at 11am to learn about what free support and services are available in Enfield.

Our panel of experts can answer your questions and share information to help you get the best care and support as you age.

Experts and professionals from these services will be there to talk to you about services you may not even know about, and to answer your questions:

  • Age UK Enfield
  • North London Hospice
  • University College London (dementia care)
  • Enfield Carers Centre

How to join

You can book your free place:

By emailing us:

By calling us: 020 8373 6283

Please let us know as soon as possible, if you have any access needs/ require a BSL interpreter. We look forward to you joining us.  

Who can attend the event?

This event is open to members of the public who live, work or study in Enfield, or those who travel to Enfield to use NHS and care services. Whether you are making plans for yourself or a loved one, a parent, grandparent or friend, for now or in the future.

Often carers need a break from their role, and we can advise on this.
— Corina Codrea, Healthcare trainer, Enfield Carers Centre

Why you should join the session

Not just older citizens, but everyone needs to plan for their later life at some point! If you are thinking about care homes for yourself or a loved one; how you will continue to care for someone or be cared for with Dementia or other illnesses, living with a life limiting condition or a younger practical person who likes to plan for every eventuality, then this session is for you.

We look forward to chatting to people about our ethos and care. Providing a little insight into how we can support the local community and how the community supports us!
— Hannah Newton, Community Development Ambassador, North London Hospice

What to expect from the session

The short answer is that you can join the session by video or telephone.

You can switch your camera off and mute your speaker if you want to. Just listening is fine. 

On the other hand if you would like to keep them switched on, that is fine too.

The panel of experts come from all areas of the health and care services and will start off by giving a short introduction about what services there are in Enfield that are available to you for free.  They’ll discuss options and services you may not have even considered.

A Question and Answer session will follow, with priority being given to questions that have been submitted at the time of booking. Then we will take questions from the audience, either through the chat box or by raising your hand.

You can ask the questions yourself, or if you submit your question in advance, you can ask us to read it out on your behalf anonymously if you prefer.

It is good to understand what planning for later life means what it can involve, what people can actually plan for
— Dr Nathan Davies, University College London, Senior Research Fellow specialising in Dementia care

The topics in more detail

North London Hospice will be talking about palliative care

What do you think of when you hear the word hospice? What does palliative care mean? North London Hospice supports almost 3000 people facing life limiting illness each year to live their lives as well as they can. They can provide support from diagnosis to end of life and provide palliative care at home, in the community and at their inpatient unit in Finchley. They’ll be explaining their referral criteria and the many ways they support patients and their families.

Age UK will be talking about a range of free services and support

Courses and support services for exercise, handyperson; clubs, social events; falls prevention; home support and much more. They will also be talking about where to go for support to make a will; Power of Attorney; Advanced Decisions/Statements; Bereavement Services.

Enfield Carers Centre will be taking about care and support that is available for unpaid carers

A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to family, a partner or close friend who could not manage without help. This could be because of illness, frailty, disability, mental ill health or substance misuse problems. They’ll be talking about money matters; someone to talk to; support groups; training and information sessions; respite care; emergency help and more.

Marie Curie will be talking about care and support for people living with Dementia

What support services are available in Enfield; what type of things you can plan for that you might not have thought about or considered and much more.

Submit your questions

It is really helpful if you could send questions in advance at the time of booking. This helps us to fact check beforehand so we have all the information for you on the day.

When booking your place you will be invited to submit a question if you wish. You will be given the option to ask the question yourself on the day or request that we ask it on your behalf anonymously if you prefer.

We will also take questions from the audience on the day, either through the chat box or by raising your hand. But priority will be given to questions sent in advance.

We are expecting all sorts of questions ranging from practical and financial to emotional. If we can’t help with something directly we will be able to direct you to services that are trustworthy, reliable and free, or not for profit.
— Kate Reader, Health & Wellbeing Navigator, Later Life Planning, Age UK Enfield

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