Let's talk Cancer!

Why not book one of our FREE interactive cancer awareness sessions? Now available ONLINE too!
It was a fantastic presentation and it definitely made the residents of the Enfield ladies (Turkish) community more knowledgeable about the “awareness of cancer” and the signs to look out for, as the residents struggle to speak English.
— Councillor Erbil, Enfield

Book a free cancer awareness session to

  • learn how to reduce your risk of cancer
  • learn why early diagnosis is important
  • learn about screening programmes

Ideal for

  • community groups,
  • staff in care settings/employee training sessions,
  • social groups, staff and more!

Our fully trained facilitators will adapt our sessions to the needs of your group. Minimum five people required for booking.

Dates available in August, September & October 2020.

For more information or to book:

020 8373 6283


Cancer can be a difficult subject for many people but we believe it’s important to get people talking about it to help raise awareness. That is why we make our sessions fun and interactive as well as informative.

Given the challenges the Coronavirus outbreak has caused, joining this session could be the most important thing you can do! Drop us an email or give us a call for a chat to find out if this type of session could be right for you or your group.

I would like to thank you for taking the time and visiting our office yesterday for a meeting to support our homeless breakfasts……we are very excited about working with you. We are tremendously grateful for the help and support that you are willing to offer.
— Time to Help, UK (homeless charity)

About the project

Working with Enfield Directorate (formerly Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group) & Public Health Enfield to improve local people’s cancer awareness we are supporting Enfield’s Cancer Awareness Campaign. We are hosting interactive online awareness sessions throughout August to the end of October to help increase the uptake of cancer screening appointments and help local people understand the link between lifestyles and risks of getting cancer.

Back in the pre-coronavirus world we delivered these sessions in person but we have managed to adapt our content so we can still share life saving information with people in Enfield.

The course that you ran was absolutely fantastic, everyone really enjoyed it and found it really informative. People are much more positive about Cancer now as you really reinforce the message that you can do something about cancer and that catching it early is key. Even though this subject was hard for people because lots had experience loss as a consequence of cancer, people felt supported by your teaching style and the subject was handled with sensitivity that they were able to carry on through. Thank you so much for delivering a wonderful session. You were so amazing on this day and I really am grateful for this input and support in my project of trying to make health awareness sessions accessible for people with learning difficulties and autism. So thank you so much for doing this course for us.
— Sarah, One-to-One (Autism & LD charity)

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