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Complaints and Advocacy

Let us help unravel the complexity of the complaints and feedback processes for health and social care services in Enfield.

A report published in March 2014 by Healthwatch England described the health and care complaints system is 'utterly bewildering for people'.

At our spring 2014 workshop, entitled, ‘How complaints and feedback can improve services’ a number of voluntary and user support groups agreed that what was needed was a single website dedicated to complaints processes - a hub of how, where and who to complain to about local hospitals, GP practices, social care services, care homes, dentists, opticians and pharmacies.

At Healthwatch Enfield we’ve taken this idea and put together our guide to health and social care complaints in the borough.

Earlier this year, Healthwatch England worked with Citizens Advice to produce a series of resources for consumers that provide additional information and tools to help people make a complaint including 'Tips and tools for making a complaint about health services' and a video on how to write a letter of complaint.

In November 2014 the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman together with Healthwatch England published 'My expectations for raising concerns and complaints'. This report describes people's views of what good complaint handling should be like at each stage of the complaints journey. This includes, knowing they have a right to complain, where to complain, being kept informed and feeling their complaint made a difference so the same thing does not happen to anyone else and feeling confident to complain again. A summary version of the report is also available. More information can be found in our news section.


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